Cui Feng White

Our Cui Feng producers offer us this unique white tea, whose perfectly preserved leaves seem to have just come down from their tea plants. Just enough time to moisten the leaves and it is a recital of delicate and airy scents. Soft and elegant, it is ideal for cold infusions.

11,90 - – 39,00

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Origin: Taiwan, Cui Feng / Altitude: 1850m / Cultivar: Qing Xin Oolong / Harvest: December

An exceptional white tea produced from a harvest called Dong Pian, made up of a few leaves and buds that appeared during the mild winter months.

Just enough time to moisten the leaves and it's a recital of delicate and airy perfumes.

A complex floral bouquet (clover, lilac, lily of the valley) enhanced by fruity notes (white melon, kiwi) for a liqueur full of smoothness, which flows like a nectar. Light and dense at the same time, it coats the palate while leaving a broad smile on the lips. Aromatic plants (lemon balm) add an extra dimension to this deep tea, which can easily be drunk many times over, especially as it is very light in theine.

Brewing tips

Gongfucha : 3gr for 100ml, hot (90 to 100°) and many short infusions

Teapot : 400 to 600ml : 3/ for 3 to 5 min. Several infusions possible.

Temperature: 80 to 100°.

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