Liu Shui 2019

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Pressed in the spring of 2019, this patty stands out from the other puerhs in our selection because of its aromatic profile and its bite, with a good astringency that doesn't prevent it from flowing well down the throat. A nice bridge between the so-called "classic" puerhs and our usual selection.

5,80 - – 57,00

Origin: China, Yunnan, Lincang / Altitude > 2000 m / Harvest: Spring 2020

Tasting notes

With its strong aromas (wood, plum, citrus, cane sugar, light tobacco) and its good presence in the mouth, this is a cake that should please fans of powerful puerhs with a more "rustic" aromatic profile, while not giving up anything from the point of view of the quality of the leaves and the opening sensations that we cherish so much!

Brewing tips

Gaiwan: 5gr per 100/120ml - boiling water - Rinse for 15sc, then several short infusions (a few seconds) before gradually lengthening the infusion time.

Teapot: 3 to 4 gr for 500ml, 90 to 100°, 3 to 5 min.

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