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Bordered by the Asahina River, Okabe is one of the most prestigious Gyokuro* regions in Japan. This one has been shaded in the traditional way, with straw. Chiselled, it offers the umami flavour so prized by tea lovers, while maintaining a level of elegance rare for this type of tea.

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Origin: Japan, Shizuoka, Okabe / Variety: Yabukita, Oku midori / Harvest: Ichibancha - 1st harvest (May 2021)

Tasting notes

More discreet than Yame or Uji, Okabe produces nevertheless one of the best Gyokuro of Japan.
And to make the most of this exceptional terroir, our Gyokuro has been shaded in the traditional way (with straw - Hon Gyokuro) and harvested by hand, a production method that is becoming increasingly rare in Japan.

Balance and elegance are the key words to define this Gyokuro. The choice of combining the Yabukita and Oku-Midori cultivars is not entirely unrelated to this.
The full-bodied liquor, full of umami, flows very smoothly, evoking fish flesh, and even offers a nice freshness, with more floral notes that become more pronounced as the temperature rises.
Its endurance allows you to enjoy a beautiful evolution over multiple infusions, for an ever-renewed pleasure. A magnificent Gyokuro,

Brewing tips

Gyokuro is best enjoyed in small volumes of water, with water at a low temperature, between 50 and 60°, to preserve all the umami and sweetness of the liquor.
One of the parameters frequently used is 6 to 10gr for 10cl of water, for about 90 seconds of infusion. For the second infusion, the leaves are already well opened and 10 to 30sc will be largely sufficient.
You can also choose to use less leaves (about 5gr) but to lengthen the infusion time in return, for about 2'30 min. In the same way, the second infusion will be much shorter.
For these two methods, you can of course make more infusions by gradually raising the temperature. These leaves are very resourceful!
You can of course enjoy these teas in a teapot, by extending the infusion time. Be careful not to use too large volumes (300/400ml maximum) to keep some of the dense and concentrated effect.

*What is a Gyokuro

Mythical Japanese green tea, Gyokuro is produced by shading the plantations for about 3 weeks before the harvest. The tea plants will then deeply modify their internal structure to survive and capture what light they can, thus promoting the creation of amino acids that will give the famous umami flavor.
This "shaded" cultivation method is used for the production of tencha (the basis of matcha tea) as well as for certain sencha, kabuse-cha, for which the shading only lasts about ten days.

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