Huang Pian 2020

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Our pretty little Yellow Leaves* are back for a rustic and colourful patchwork. Any description of the taste would be risky, but overall, it's round, good, well-flavoured and without the slightest bitterness! Unbeatable value for money and low in caffeine, these Huang Pian will make an excellent daily tea.

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Origin: China, Yunnan, Lincang / Altitude > 2000 m / Harvest: Spring 2020

Huang Pian is the result of sorting numerous harvests - only from naturally grown tea bushes. The exact flavour profile is a bit of a crapshoot, but we can still make out the main points.
A round, vegetal and fruity tea, without bitterness, with a very nice length, thanks to the quality of the base material. Add to this a tension and a fine astringency that contrast with the opulence of the aromas, for a well-balanced whole, and always a lot of pleasure.

Brewing tips

Gaiwan: 5gr per 100/120ml - boiling water - Rinse for 15sc, then several short infusions (a few seconds) before gradually lengthening the infusion time.

Teapot: 3 to 4 gr for 500ml, 90 to 100°, 3 to 5 min.

What is the Huang Pian

In the puerh family, Huang Pian or "yellow leaves" are a category of their own. Essentially made up of old buds or more mature leaves, they contain a lower moisture content and take on a yellow and dry appearance during ShaQing. Because of their unsightly appearance, they are most often removed when the "finished" puerh is sorted, although some like to keep a small proportion for the extra flavour they bring. They are often recovered by producers who use them for their regular tea, especially since the caffeine content of mature leaves is quite low. After several years of struggle, I finally had access to these yellow leaves, which are as prized in fact as they are officially despised, and in fact quite rare in France.

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