Jade Snail

A green tea from the Guizhou region in China, which delights the taste buds as well as the eyes. Its tender leaves, rolled into a snail shape, unfold to deliver a luscious and lively liquor. The purity of the environment is found in the cup, and thanks to the methods of natural agriculture, it is a tea rich in flavours and sensations that is offered to us.

4,90 - – 49,80

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Origin: China, Guizhou / Altitude: 1100m / Cultivar: Fo Xiang / Harvest: Spring

A green tea from the province of Guizhou, in southern China, on the eastern border of Yunnan.
Difficult to access due to its mountainous terrain, this province, populated by numerous ethnic minorities, has long remained very isolated and mainly turned towards agriculture.
Located in the middle of a very preserved environment, our producers practice a natural agriculture, without fertilizers or pesticides.

Here is a tea whose fine leaves rolled into spirals have earned it the name Jade Snail. And it is a pleasure to see them unfold, revealing tender and delicate leaves.
They offer a vegetal nose, with aromatic herbs (dill/tarragon), for a rich and lively liquor, between a fresh floral pole and more gourmet notes of beans.
A very pure and generous tea, a fine example of the richness of this little-known region.

Brewing tips

Tea pot 500ml : 3g - 2 to 3 min - 80°.

Gaiwan: 2g - 2min - 70°/75°.

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