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An organic sencha cultivated in a small family farm, located at feet of the Fuji mount.
This Saemidori offers a very clear and limpid liquor for a fukamushi*. Slightly oily, it carries sweet aromas of cooked vegetables, umami and just the right amount of freshness and bite to balance it all out. Clean and resourceful, a very well-made daily.

4,80 - – 46,00

Origin: Japan, Shizuoka, / Cultivar: Saemidori / Type of tea: fukamushi sencha / Harvest: Ichibancha - 1st harvest (May 2022)

Tasting notes

While Asatsuyu is known for producing high quality teas, its low yields and fragility in the cold led producers to seek a solution. With its innumerable qualities, the strong Yabukita was the ideal client for a cross.

This is how Saemidori was born, giving a cultivar renowned for its sweetness and umami, and whose popularity continues to grow in Japan.
Halfway to a futsumushi*, this Saemidori offers a very clear and limpid liquor for a fukamushi**.
Slightly oily, it carries soft aromas of cooked vegetables, and a present umami, but well controlled for this cultivar.

*short steaming sencha, with long needle-like leaves like Tenryu Yabukita
** sencha with long steaming time, whose blending results in many more broken leaves and gives liquors prized for their rich and thick character.

Brewing tips

500ml teapot: 5 gr - 1.30 to 2′ - 80°.

Kyusu / Hohin: 4 gr for 100ml: 1st infusion: 70 to 80° 50 to 60 seconds / 2nd: 20sc / 3rd: 30 sc / 4th: 90° some seconds.
This sencha supports very well the higher temperatures, do not hesitate to push it!

Toshihiro Hirayanagi

Toshihiro Hirayanagi is the head of a small farm located at the foot of Mount Fuji, and has been farming organically for nearly 20 years.
He is also one of the greatest masters in the making of Temomi, an exceptional Japanese tea, entirely handcrafted.
He is now handing over to his son Akihiko, who will represent the 4th generation in charge of this garden.

In addition to the Hirayanagi's know-how, the tea bushes enjoy an ideal environment, irrigated by the Sudo River, in the middle of a preserved nature, while many fogs complete this idyllic picture for our dear tea bushes.

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