Jasmine Beads

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An authentic jasmine tea, made by blooming fresh jasmine flowers.
Elegant and beautifully scented, it offers a smooth liquor with a long finish. It can be infused several times and can withstand high temperatures without becoming bitter. Recommended for tea lovers as well as for those who wish to discover natural jasmine teas.

5,40 - – 54,00


Origin: China, Yunnan / Harvest: Spring


The fresh jasmine flowers are spread on the tea leaves and removed just before they wilt to give off only their most beautiful fragrance. The operation was repeated three times in a row before all the jasmine flowers were removed. The tea, full of the jasmine's fragrance, is then rolled into pearls to preserve all the flower's aromas.

Brewing tips

Tea pot: 3gr for 500ml, 2 to 3mn

Temperature: 80 to 90°.

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