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With its roasted rice grains, genmaicha is one of the great classics of Japanese green teas. Delicious and very easy to brew, it goes well with all types of meals (from breakfast to afternoon tea), and can be sipped at the office or quietly at home. A good tea for everyday use, to be used by everyone.

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Origin: Japan, Uji / Variety: Zairai / Harvest: Ichibancha - 1st harvest (May 2020)

Tasting notes

An everyday Japanese green tea, genmaicha is often served as a side dish in restaurants. The quality is often neglected. Why use good leaves for such a tea, especially when adding rice?

The answer is in this genmaicha: a first spring harvest of a sencha grown without fertilizer, to which we have added carefully selected rice grains.

The association works wonderfully with this well-balanced tea, which is both fine and tasty.
The roundness and warmth of the genmai (rice grains) are matched by the freshness and purity of the sencha. Supple and durable, it will allow many infusions, and will work as well with small volumes of water as in a large teapot.

Brewing tips

500ml teapot: 4 gr - 1.30 to 2 min

Kyusu : 3 gr for 100ml : 1st infusion : from 20 sec to 1 min depending on the temperature.

Temperature: this genmaicha does not fear hot water, you can infuse it from 70 to 90 ° depending on the desired result. The infusion time must of course be adapted accordingly.

* What is Zairai

The botanical variety Zairai, designates the tea plants resulting from reproduction by seed and not from hybridization like the overwhelming majority of Japanese tea plants. No standardization of the culture and the taste here, these tea plants have their own character which will evolve naturally in time according to the soil and the natural hazards.

What is natural agriculture

In natural agriculture, we do not use any fertilizer (not even "organic") and of course no phytosanitary products. We start from the principle that tea plants need to take the time to draw minerals and nutrients from the soil, to make good roots and to develop at their own pace to become robust and offer leaves with a greater taste.

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